MAXX Razors – New brand in Macedonia

Maxx Maximum 4

Shaving razor with 4 blades. It has great performance and an irresistible price. The ergonomic handle enables easy and quick shave. Your razor can be disposable, but your comfort can not. Maxx Maximum 4 is prefect for your skin and your wallet.




Maxx Lady 3 Soft & Sensitive

This razor gives you precise and comfortable shave with it’s 3 flexible blades. The head follows your body contours. Vitamin E and Aloe vera tape leaves your skin irresistibly smooth.




Maxx Xtreme 3 Soft & Sensitive

Maxx Xtreme 3 is your best friend in the bathroom. This razor contains 3 blades and is intended for single use. The ergonomic handle enables easy and precise shaving!